Friday 13th February 2015 JTUM calls on Government to settle ALL negotiations before they demit office.

Breaking News Friday 13th February 2015 

JTUM calls on Government to settle ALL negotiations before they demit office.

The JTUM on Carnival Friday 13th February 2015 (Fantastic Friday) was in downtown Port-of-Spain with "Mother Goose" highlighting that the Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for all allegations of corruption against her and her government. Accompanying mother goose was a 6ft placard which detail some of the allegations of corruptions which include:

  • Rishmi  Ramnarine 
  • NP Gopaul Scandal 
  • Section 34  
  • Emailgate 
  • Prisongate
  • NGC billion dollar Pipeline
  • False Papers
  • Lifesport Programme  
  • Debe to Mon Desir Highway 
  • The Fall of the AG         
  • Witness Tampering      
  • Bribery and Buy Out 
  • Corrupted every state institution

The JTUM also calls on government to settle all negotiations before they demit office these include:- Petrotrin, T&TEC, Powergen, UWI N.P. UTT, NTA Cipriani College, TTMF, VIC, Central Bank, TSTT where workers are still on 2007 Salaries, TTPOST, Hilton, and  Daily Paid Workers.

On behalf of JTUM Ozzi Warwick Secretary indicated that the JTUM position is that the Prime Minister and her Government has lost all illegitimacy and its mandate. He further indicated that she should give an election date now that does not go one day later than 24th May 2015. Comrade Warwick stated that the JTUM was following the tradition of old mass when they brought out the mannequin "Mother Goose" since in the traditional mass from colonial time depicted the characters of the colony authority as an act of protest against colony rule.